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Leadership Introduction

Leadership really does start at a young age! And so of course in Pre-Prep this is a time when we start encouraging and teaching children the joys of leading, problem solving and taking responsibility. The question we have to ask ourselves is, are children natural leaders or is this something we can nurture?  We take the approach that we can nurture and develop young leaders.

Problem solving and decision making is something that children are doing every day without being aware. The decisions start first thing in the morning with which activity to choose from the literacy table, or in Forest School time, which sticks will be the best to create an exciting camp. Children need to develop confidence in making their own decisions and not look towards adults for reassurance. Of course we are there to guide, but the final step is something we encourage the pupils to take on their own. Confidence is developed, negotiation skills are gained, not being afraid of failure but to reflect and retry are all valuable acquisitions required in today’s society

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