The Army is the largest section in the CCF, with up to 160 cadets and five experienced, qualified, committed officers.

As well as drill, first aid, military knowledge and skill at arms (weapons) the Army section specialises in infantry skills, including battlecraft and tactics.  These skills are taught and developed during a cadet’s time in the Third and Fourth Form where they will also learn about teamwork and the basics of leadership.

Whilst in the Army section, cadets will attend field days at military training areas where they will develop and practice field craft skills, including advanced tactics, patrolling, section and platoon attacks and ambushes.

Growing in leadership

In the Fifth Form cadets undertake a cadre course which prepares them for becoming an NCO.  This course will develop their instructional and leadership skills.  There are many different senior positions within the Army section, all with different responsibilities and preparing them for this is a key element of their leadership training within the Army section.

Promotion to the highest senior NCO (SNCO) ranks of Cadet Sergeant, Colour Sergeant, Company Sergeant Major (CSM), up to the top cadet rank of Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) all take place at the end of the Lower Sixth. Promotion is dependent on having completed all the required elements of training, is also based on merit and becomes increasingly competitive.  All members of the Army section who reach the Upper Sixth are exceptional individuals, with a wide range of skills and potential.

Life-changing opportunities

Being a member of the Army section is not only a lot of fun, it is immensely rewarding and challenging.  It delivers a variety of experiences and opportunities, only limited by the commitment of the cadet.

The Army section is about getting muddy, teamwork, leadership and being able to quickly weigh up options, pros and cons and select and justify a set of actions.  It teaches confidence, decision making and all our NCOs earn the respect of their peers and the junior cadets through their knowledge, behaviour, appearance and manner.

Opportunities include kayaking, climbing and walking courses as well as Signals at RSS Blandford, marksmanship courses and specific leadership courses including UKLF and six weeks in Canada.

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