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School Policies



Careers Building Premises Policy
Controlled Assessment Building Premises Risk Assessment
Coursework Bursary
Curriculum Equal Opportunities
English as a Second Language Fire
Examinations First Aid
Feedback Health and Safety
Financial Reasonable Adjustment Risk Assessment
Library Transport
Personal Computer Usage  

Care of Pupils


Anti-Bullying Visits and Off-Site Activities
Child Protection Visiting Speakers
Missing Pupil  
Positive Behaviour  
Positive Handling  
Pupil Access  
School Supervision  

Headmaster and Governors

Admissions ICT
Complaints Information Security
Consent and Use of Images Parent Contract (Terms and Conditions)
Data Protection

Policy Review

Electronic Communications  





























Policies are reviewed on an annual basis to accommodate changing legislation and/or School practice. They run from November to November except when the School is advised of a change in regulation which requires immediate action. Each policy is presented to the full Governing Body for signing off in November before publication


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