Bursaries and Prizes

OSA Bursaries

Bursaries may be awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster, usually in the Sixth Form. Bursaries may also be available by application to the Bursary committee.

Bennett Hunting Awards

Grants awarded to OS, usually in their second year at university or in further education, at the recommendation of the Headmaster.

E A Craven Prize

A prize awarded on Speech Day to the boy who has made an outstanding contribution to School sport. (The School awards an equivalent Prize to a girl).

OSA Enterprise Award

Grants awarded to members of the Upper Sixth to assist in "Gap Year" projects they may be undertaking before they go up to University. These can be awarded to OS who are undertaking similar projects after they have left, at the discretion of the OSA.

OSA Prize

A prize awarded on Speech Day to one or more pupils in the Lower Sixth Form for all-round contribution to School life.

R L Kay Prize

A prize awarded by the Master i/c Cricket to a member of the 1st XI at the end of the cricket season for his contribution to School cricket.

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