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Entry Requirements and Exam Dates

Where we have vacancies, pupils are welcome to join us at any stage of the School, having successfully sat the appropriate entry tests.  The main points of entry are as follows:


Pupils wishing to join our First Form (Year 7) will be required to take our own entrance test.  Tests are held in November, prior to the September entry, for those registered to join our First Form.  However, we can also arrange for the test to be taken at a mutually convenient time.


All pupils wishing to join our Third Form (Year 9) (except those sitting the 13+ Academic Scholarship tests) will be required to take our own entrance exam in the January prior to the September of entry. Pupils from independent schools are also expected to take the Common Entrance exam in the Summer Term prior to entry.  Special arrangements can be made for pupils who live outside the UK. 

With effect from September 2017 pupils in Year 6 may apply for a place for Deferred-Entry into Third Form (Year 9). This route requires candidates to sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test at their current prep school. Further details and a specific 13+Deferred-Entry Registration Form are available here:

13+ Deferred-Entry details

13+ Deferred-Entry Registration Form


Pupils wishing to join our Sixth Form are expected to have at least five GCSE’s at B grade or above, or 32 points across six GCSE subjects. Applicants will also be assessed by the Headmaster or Deputy Head.


Entrance Examinations Dates

Junior Entrance Examination (11+)

Saturday 18th November 2017 (for entry in September 2018)
Third Form Entrance Examination (13+) Wednesday 24th January 2018 (for September 2018 entry)

Common Entrance Examinations (13+) 

Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th June 2017 (for entry in September 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enrol my child?
By completing a Registration Form which can be found at the back of our School Prospectus or obtained from the School Office.  Alternatively, download the registration form, complete and send to the Admissions Officer, Sutton Valence School, North Street, Sutton Valence, Kent ME17 3HL.

How much is the registration fee?
£100, payable by cheque to accompany the Registration Form or directly into the School’s bank account (details available from the Admissions Officer: 01622 845206).

Does my child have to sit an entrance exam?
Those joining our First to Fourth Form inclusive (Years 7-10) will need to sit an entrance examination.

All pupils registered to join our First Form (Year 7) will be automatically entered for our Junior Entrance Examination.  Places offered are primarily subject to academic ability, but special consideration will be given to children with siblings already in the School or joining concurrently as well as date of registration. 

How do I apply for a Scholarship?
Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions relating to scholarships and bursaries.

Do you offer Learning Support?
Yes we do, provided we receive a copy of a report from an Educational Psychologist, or a similarly qualified assessor. We offer individual learning support lessons in Literacy, Numeracy and Study Skills, all at an additional charge. In some circumstances, general in-class support is offered, but not individual support in-class.

The majority of those receiving support have mild learning difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia).  They have to come out of a timetabled lesson to attend their support lessons, but this will not be from a core subject.

If your child receives any form of learning support, then please include this information on the Registration Form where requested. 

Informing us of any special needs will help your child as:
• We will then be able to liaise with their existing school on current learning support provision;
• We will be able to provide any necessary examination concessions where relevant.

Failure to inform us of special needs provision, past or present could inhibit our ability to support your child's education.

Do you welcome overseas pupils?
Yes.  We have a fully integrated international community, making up approximately 9% of the school roll.

How can overseas pupils apply?
Applicants should register in the usual way, as detailed above, and can take our entrance examination in their own country, either at their existing school, the premises of one of our overseas agents or at the office of the nearest British Council.

Do you provide extra English tuition for overseas pupils?
Yes.  All Sixth Form pupils requiring ESL have two free lessons per week.  Younger pupils will not be charged for ESL lessons that are timetabled instead of a modern language.   Sometimes we insist that as a condition of entry pupils are to have extra, chargeable, ESL lessons, or attend a Language School prior to entry to Sutton Valence.

In addition to high quality ESL, which is taught by experts, we also offer conversational English, multi-media language support and a programme of cultural visits at weekends to enable our overseas pupils to gain a full understanding of British life.  We have recently established a tutorial support scheme especially aimed at pupils from other countries.  This complements the school’s already strong pastoral framework.

Non-native speakers in the Sixth Form will be prepared and entered for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) ESL (English as a Second Language) exam.

For further information and to obtain the necessary application forms, please contact Mrs Kathy Webster on 01622 845206. 

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