A Lambe's pupil is hardworking and purposeful, always ready to spot an opportunity. They have a strong sense of community and enjoy teamwork and leading the team if called upon. There is an adventurous spirit here.

Sutton Valence School Lambe's House students sports day in when they are pulling a rope while enjoying the heart of Kent countryside

“It always amazes me just how many ex-Lambe's pupils have gone overseas to make their way in life – successfully.”  Mr David Pickard, School Archivist.

I still see this legacy in our Lambe's students today. I lead my House with the objective of instilling a passion for loyalty, commitment and participation. It is about taking part and being part of a team. If you win, it is a time for celebration, if you lose it is a time for reflection.

Lambe's House was founded and named as such between 1915 and 1920 and is a senior mixed house. Our house colour is maroon and, since the resumption of the traditional house system in 2010, House Competitions link us with St Margarent’s, a boys senior boarding house.

In Lambe's there are five tutors, each with a group of Third Form to Sixth Form pupils in their care. Assisting them are two Heads of House who we aim to select on the basis of community spirit, commitment, loyalty, enthusiasm, leadership and organisational ability.

We work hard as a team when we participate in House Competitions, which require pupils to draw on a wide range of skills in music, sport, debating and general knowledge.  Mr Hammersley, our Senior Tutor, is fantastic at organising these events with our tutor team and our Heads of House.


Housemistress – Ms Lucy Burden

Ms Burden has worked at Sutton Valence since 2002, firstly as a teacher of A Level Business and Economics and Psychology and later as Head of Psychology.  She has been an Assistant Housemistress and Tutor in Sutton House (girls’ boarding), a Head of Year for the Second Form, a Sixth Form tutor, she has run the Community Service Programme for the School since 2005 and is Head of PSHE. Ms Burden is a staunch believer in educating children in preparation for life in the wider world, not just for life within an academic institution; as such, she is a great believer in all-round education. She believes that how a child feels, their emotional state, is the most influential determinant of behaviour and so the drive to make pupils feel secure, positive and happy underpins her pastoral activity. She leads her House with a passion for loyalty, commitment and taking part; not just winning!

Senior Tutor - Mr Andrew Hammersley

Mr Hammersley has worked at Sutton Valence School since 2000, having previously taught in a school in Lincolnshire and prior to that, as a Research Scientist. At SVS, he has been Head of Year, as well as Head of Department (Biology).

Mr Gary Harris

Mr Harris joined Sutton Valence as a Mathematics teacher in 2005. He has tutored Third to Fifth Forms and was Head of Year for four years. He is a graduate of London University, has a background in Engineering and enjoys football and playing his guitars (he has eight!).

Mme Hélène Heurtevent

Mme Heurtevent joined Sutton Valence in 2006 and has been teaching French and Spanish at all levels since. She is a French native who grew up in Normandy. Falling in love with England during a language school trip when she was 12, she decided to come back and stay to teach her language. She trained at Canterbury Christ Church University. Being French, she has a passion for French cuisine and good wine. She also enjoys Art; she loves painting and doing crafts during her free time.

Miss Julie Manning

Miss Manning has taught at Sutton Valence School since 2011.  As well as being a tutor in Lambe’s, she has taught small groups and individuals as a specialist teacher in Learning Support and is now Head of English as a Second Language. She is a keen sportswoman and coaches Junior Games.  Previously, Miss Manning taught English in Japan for a number of years, before teaching Japanese and German a grammar school in Kent.  She has a wonderfully upbeat demeanour, enjoys playing tennis in her free time and she also bakes exceptional cakes!

Mr Richard Plowden

Mr Plowden has taught at Sutton Valence School since 2006.  Mr Plowden read History and Politics at Newcastle University. His postgraduate research was on the nineteenth century British Empire and this continues to be an active interest.  He has spent much of his life working in outdoor education and management training. 

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